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When paths cross.

I wanted to sleep. All I wanted was a few hours to chill and let shit calm down. Especially me. A nice hot bath with fruity oils and a good book just to let all my probs melt out of me.

So I went to the first nightclub I could find.

Screw the bath, I needed release. Nothing's better than being surrounded by people who either want you or want to be you while listenin' to a deafening beat that pounds into you harder than a navy boy fresh off the boat. That's just what I had.

After a couple hours of drinks and guys I wound up out on the dance floor again to shake it with another hottie. The sweat glistening on me was the sexy kind.. y'know.. when your body gets so hot and overworked but you don't stop because it just feels so.. damn.. good. This one was definitely into it. Grabbin' on my hips and makin' me grind against him with his face all in my chest, then behind me like he was just goin' to town. He had the moves, I'll credit him that much, but I was waitin' for the finale.

The tempo was like an adrenaline pumped heartbeat that just kept on gettin' more and more exciting. The dancing did the same. Between rythmic dryfucking and the wandering palms it was a wonder either of us stayed dressed at all. He spun me back around to face him again and I obliged by pounding myself against his body, letting him grip on my hair. He jerked my head to the side and that's when I sprang into action. Kicked my foot up and curled it around his neck, pulling him down until he was in a headlock between my legs. Now that was kinda hot. I reached down, snatched the stake carried in my boot, and ducked forward to reach under his chest to find his heart. He burst into dust right as the song thrust into its orgasmic climax. I stood back up, looking as though I'd just had a little climax of my own. "Shit.. I love this song."

Nobody even noticed from the amount of people on the dance floor and the volume of the music. Feeling a bit thirsty again I waded through the bouncing bodies toward the bar. "Yo. Keep. Fill me up," I requested, tapping the empty glass on the counter. I could feel the alcohol I drank before pumpin' right through me, making my head feel like it was takin' on a wild ride. "If I didn't know any better I might take that as an invitation," he replied through a wry grin. I flashed him one of my own. "To each their own, babe."

He finally poured me my drink and that's when I caught a glance of them at the corner of my eye. Two fuckin' cops casin' the joint. That was my cue to leave. I took one last sip and left the loser a tip because I just felt that nice.. 'sides, didn't want anyone getting too suspicious. Hell, I'm even surprised it wasn't B and her brigade of superhero friends. That was a shocker. If they were really lookin' for me they should know I'd be here or in one of the many hundreds of nightclubs that they have goin' around here in L.A. ... huh. Guess it was like lookin' for a needle in a haystack.

I walked out of the club with a shakin' of my hips, yanking one of those WANTED posters of me off the wall along the way. Seemed to always have one of those in these highly populated parts.. if I keep myself layin' low long enough though, that should die out soon. I know that's what B is countin' on.. she knows I like to make myself known that I'm around because I'm not too keen on the staying quiet thing. Well, not this time. I may be spontanious but I'm not fuckin' stupid.

Yeah, I'm slowly beginning to realize this shit wasn't going to be so bad.. I was feelin' five by five again. Confident, to pin-point the word. If I want, the City of Angels could still be mine. Never know. I could even catch a ride and get myself some other town away from this place.. untouched by Buffy and Soul Boy. No one would know me and it'd be another fresh new start. Well, minus the law of course. I know they'll be lookin' for me for a while but at least not this hard after they figure out they can't get their hands on me. That was still a big problem though.. didn't know what the fuck to do about that right now. Not the fact I was scared of bein' caught but more of how much I'm gonna be bored on them chasin' me. Gets pretty dull after awhile.

Crumplin' up the piece of paper I threw it in the nearby trashcan, wondering just how many of those I was gonna see tonight. Did I care? Not really. I was drunk and lovin' the life right now. When I spun around I found my face stuck in some guys' chest. "Hey!" I snapped, shoving him roughly away from me without bothering to think or look to see who it might be. "Blind or somethin'? Watch where I'm goin'!"

(( Open to Spike. ))
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