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I'd let Faith use the shower, seein' as how I was a proper gentleman and all, see, while I watched some shit on the telly, drank, and finished up my fags. Fuck. Now I'd have t'go steal some more.

She came out and we hadn't said but two words more, but I let her have the bed, too. Yeah, it was on account of a re-run of Passions on that Soap Channel, but it was one I'd missed. Wasn't all that tired anyhow... I needed t'think.

"You just... ain't my type. Y'know, vampire n' all."

Her words seemed t'float, like one of those buggerin' thought balloons in those comic strips in the paper. Just, float on by my head over and over until I took the empty beer can and tossed it against the wall. What the bloody hell was I doin' here, anyway?

Did I honestly think I could get the Gem back? Been double-crossed by Marcus that first go-round, and Nancy-Boy had it all hidden-like still somewhere... be tough t'get him all chained up where I wanted him like I had before.


I stood and paced while Faith slept, watchin' every now and again as she turned in her sleep or moved. A Slayer... a fuckin' Slayer here, at my place - alright, the abandoned place I'd made mine for the moment - and I couldn't kill her or shag her. No no... all's I could do was watch her. Which, actually, was somewhat interestin'... seemed Faith had nightmares, or... dunno. Somethin' nasty was botherin' her dreams, that was certain.

Me? Didn't know if I had dreams anymore. Partners with a Slayer? T'do... what exactly?

Get the chip out of my soddin' skull, right. Then I could... shit! I kicked the trash can over, then cringed at the sound it made as it hit the ground. Wait... why did I even care if Faith woke up? She'd already done her worst. Did her teasin' and flirtin' back in Sunnydale, then didn't do anythin' else till now.

"You just... ain't my type. Y'know, vampire n' all."

Too soddin' bad that when I get the chip out, I'll still be 'just a vampire', still just... FUCK! Wait, what the hell was wrong with me?

It was her. Had t'be her. She was makin' me think this, feel this, make me... make me feel like I should change myself when... when it's her who's all bollixed up! Yeah! Fuckin' Slayer treadin' on the dark side... that's my game pet! What's your reason for doin' it?

Liked bein' a vamp, there was nothin' wrong with it. Why was I lettin' her make me think there was?

"You just... ain't my type. Y'know, vampire n' all."

Kept thinkin' 'bout that till mornin' came 'round, when the Slayer in my bed decided t'drag her arse outta it finally...

((Open to Faith))
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