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Home again, home again

I opened up the door t'the place I'd been callin' 'home' for the past few weeks, and let Faith in first. Shuttin' it after me, I went t'the fridge and got me my pig's blood and drank it right-fast, then looked 'round for some more fags and possibly a beer.

Not that she needed it, mind you, but I was thinkin' since she was here with me, we might as well act all civilized and shit.

"So..." I started, grabbin' a beer and tossin' it t'her, "you're Faith. The black sheep of a Slayer what Buffy hates and all, hmm? Pity, really. Doesn't know what she's missin'." See, in my book? A Slayer should do anythin' possible t'get the job done. There's no good, no evil, nothin'. It's all fuckin' grey, but Blondie in SunnyHell doesn't see it like that.

Only reason I'm still fuckin' alive, I suppose.

Nah, a Slayer needed t'be ruthless, t'be able t'do whatever it took t'get the job soddin' done. Buffy and me teamed up t'stop Angelus, and what happened? She went back t'makin' googly-eyes at him soon as he came back from Never-Neverland or whatever. "She doesn't get it," I mumbled as I downed 'bout half my beer.

"You, on the other hand... yeah, heard 'bout everythin' you did. The killings and what-not? Nice job," I smiled. "Did it weigh on you, pet? Did it make your insides hurt? Or did you only feel like that because that's what she wanted you t'feel?"

Yeah, see, cuz that's how it had been with me and Angelus. I'd loved Dru, and she'd been mine. Soddin' mine. Then, he'd taken her from me - in front of me - and ruined it. Spoiled it all, turned me into the monster I was today... well, at least the monster I was tryin' t'be.

Wasn't rightly sure if I was that monster still, or if I was still just tryin' t'be him... maybe I didn't want t'be him.

Eh, too much bloody thinkin' on my part. I sat down by Faith on the couch and stretched out. "So, come now. Tell Daddy here all your sad, sorry stories so's we can pass the time."

((Open to Faith))
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